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Using ACP’s Fall Prevention and Balance Program to Reduce Falls and Improve Patient Outcomes

Posted by ACP on Mar 22, 2019 7:49:03 PM

According to the CDC, falls are not only a serious health risk, they carry a high economic burden as well. For older adults in the US, fall mortality rates have increased by 30% from 2007 to 2016. In 2015, the total medical cost for falls was more than $50 billion with Medicare and Medicaid accounting for 75% of these costs. The statistics related to falls are astounding. Each year:¹

• Three million older adults are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries
• 800,000+ patients are hospitalized due to a fall-related injury, most often head injury or hip fracture
• A typical nursing home with 100 residents reports about 100-200 falls
         – 35% of injuries due to falls occur in residents who do not ambulate
• 24% (most common cause) of falls among elderly nursing home residents are due to muscle weakness and gait problems, whereas 16-27%, on average, are due to environmental hazards

An Effective Fall Prevention and Balance Program: Implements an interdisciplinary approach to identify those at risk of falling, properly assesses the cause and contributing impairments, implements the appropriate interventions, and assesses the outcomes.

In therapy, use of clinically validated assessments and outcome measures are critical components of a successful fall prevention program. Suggested outcome measures in ACP’s Fall Prevention Treatment Pathway include:2

Aerobic Capacity: 2 or 6-MWT, Seated Step Test
Mobility: TUG
Gait Speed: Gait Speed
Balance: mCTSIB, Gait Index, 4-Square Step Test
Muscle Performance: 30-sec STS

A patient-specific fall prevention rehabilitation treatment pathway may include a number of the following interventions:


ACP’s rehabilitation technology and biophysical agents can play an integral part in a successful Fall Prevention and Balance clinical program pathway:


2. ACP’s General Fall Prevention Treatment Pathway: PT and OT. MRK 0459

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