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Reducing Hip and Back Pain and Improving Functional Mobility Using Electrical Stimulation and Exercise

Posted by ACP on Apr 25, 2019 5:47:56 PM

Patient Information: Female, Age 91

Diagnosis: Left Hip Pain / Spinal Stenosis / Difficulty Walking

History: This woman, a long-term skilled nursing facility resident, was referred to therapy due to a significant decline in functional mobility including bed mobility, transfers and walking. The decline was preceded by a fall while getting out of the car with her daughter, after which
she experienced increased pain in her left hip and back. Prior to this incident, she required minimal assistance with most functional tasks.

 Pre-Therapy Status:
•Left Hip and Back Pain: Severe (8/10).
•Bed Mobility: Moderate to maximal (50-75%) assistance.
•Transfers: Moderate (50%) assistance.
•Gait: 35 Feet with Minimal (25%) assistance with rollator walker and 25% verbal cuing for safety.

Therapy Information:
•Modality: OmniVersa® Multi-Modality Therapy System.
•Frequency: 3-4x per week.
•Protocol Specifics: Interferential current (IFC) electrical stimulation to the low back for pain management.
•Duration: Eight weeks.
•Other Therapy Services Provided: Therapeutic exercise, gait training, and neuromuscular re-education.

• Left Hip and Back Pain: Mild (3/10).
• Bed Mobility: Minimal (25%) assistance.
• Transfers: Minimal (25%) assistance from the bed to wheelchair and close supervision for sit to stand.
• Gait: 120 feet using a rollator walker with supervision and verbal cues for safety.

This woman and her family are pleased with her therapy outcomes, as she is now able to perform some of her functional mobility with less assistance than her prior level! Her therapists feel the use of electrical stimulation to help reduce her back and hip pain enabled her to achieve her treatment goals.

Topics: Fall Prevention & Balance, Pain Management, Patient Success Story