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Posted by ACP - Accelerated Care Plus on Apr 11, 2023 6:30:00 PM

Champions Corner

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Brooke Nogueira, OT

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Brooke Nogueira is the occupational therapist at The Woodlands Health & Rehab Center in Clifton Forge, VA. She is an avid user of ACP clinical programs and rehab technology. Her facility acquired ACP’s OmniFlow® Breathing Therapy Biofeedback System six months ago. Since that time, she has integrated OmniFlow into her OT practice with phenomenal success.

Technology Integration
Brooke supplements traditional OT interventions with OmniFlow for patients who have impaired breathing. By performing breathing exercise with visualizations and biofeedback, her patients are more motivated and better able to understand the desired breathing components needed to build endurance, reduce anxiety, and accelerate improvements in their daily tasks. Without this resource, Brooke finds it difficult to progress her patients to the same outcome levels.

quote mark“I have felt incredibly passionate and confident about OmniFlow since starting my journey to learn, implement, and educate others on this device. Having access to this innovative technology has provided me the unique opportunity to quite literally help breathe new life into patients in a fun, effective, and engaging way. My patients rest easier knowing there’s a therapeutic solution to their ailments. Just giving them their breath back has been incredibly powerful to watch. I am grateful to be playing such an integral role in these patients’ lives, it is so inspiring!” – BROOKE

Clinical Success
Following hospitalization for acute cystitis, a woman with COPD and emphysema was referred to Woodlands Health and Rehab Center with severe debility, decreased functional mobility, increased urinary frequency, and anxiety. This woman told Brooke her goal was to get to the bathroom independently. She was experiencing functional incontinence due to her drop in O2 saturation coupled with anxiety, preventing her from making it to the bathroom. The use of OmniFlow led to improvements in standing tolerance and endurance allowing for initiation of gait activity. She was discharged in just 2 ½ weeks and was able to get to the bathroom independently and on time restoring her dignity.

Diamond Mine

Deep inhalation
(Diamond Mine)

prehistoric contest

Forced expiration
(Prehistoric Contest)

sail away

Controlled expiration
(Sail Away)

starry road

Rhythmical breathing
(Starry Road)



Brooke’s dedication to her patients and commitment to integrating best clinical practice truly makes her a Champion!

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