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Improving Urge and Stress Incontinence with Continence Improvement Pelvic Muscle Exercise

Posted by ACP on Nov 10, 2018 6:11:48 PM

Patient Information: Female, Age 72

Diagnosis: Urge and Stress Incontinence

History: This woman, an independent living resident, referred herself to therapy for incontinence rehabilitation after attending a facility open house where she learned of the program. She reported gradual decreased control of urine with both stress incontinence (inability to hold back urine leakage with increases in abdominal pressure caused by laughing and sneezing) and urge incontinence (inability to stop unexpected and urgent urine flow) over the past year.

Pre-Therapy Status:

  • Urinary Incontinence Frequency: Two episodes per day and three episodes per night.
Therapy Information:
  • Urinary Incontinence Clinical Solution
  • Frequency: 2x per week.
  • Protocol Specifics: Continence improvement program pelvic muscle exercise to increase strength and coordination of the pelvic floor and associated musculature.
  • Duration: Four weeks.
  • Other Therapy Services Provided: Kegel and facilitatory pelvic muscle exercises, functional mobility exercises, and home exercise program.


  • Urinary Incontinence Frequency: Zero episodes during the day and averaging one episode at night.

This woman is very pleased with the outcomes of her therapy. She states, “I no longer have to plan my shopping around bathroom access! I went to town for 4 hours and didn’t need to find a bathroom!”

Topics: Patient Success Story, Continence Improvement