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Improving Functional Mobility Using Electrical Stimulation, Virtual Reality, and Exercise

Posted by ACP on Mar 26, 2020 2:51:53 PM

Patient Information: Male, Age 79

Diagnosis: Right Ankle Fracture / Gastrointestinal (GI) bleed

History: This gentleman was referred to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation services due to weakness and reduced functional mobility after hospitalization for a right ankle fracture (from a fall) and a GI bleed. Prior to hospitalization, he used a rolling walker to ambulate and lived in a 2-story home with a roommate who helped with household tasks.

Pre-Therapy Status:

  • Bed Mobility: Maximal (>75%) assistance.
  • Transfers: Maximal (>75%) assistance.
  • Ambulation: Unable to walk.

Therapy Information:

  • Modality: OmniVersa® Ultrasound/Electrotherapy System, OmniCycle® Elite Motorized Therapeutic Exercise System, and OmniVR® Virtual Rehabilitation System.
  • Frequency: 5x per week.
  • Protocol Specifics: Virtual reality exercise performed using Bingo activity to improve sit to stand transfers. Patterned electrical neuromuscular stimulation (PENS) lower extremity triphasic to both legs progressing to cycle electrical stimulation protocol using the OmniCycle® neuro mode to improve leg strength.
  • Duration: 9 weeks.
  • Other Therapy Services Provided: Transfer training, balance re-education, therapeutic exercises, and gait training.


  • Bed Mobility: Independent.
  • Transfers: Independent.
  • Ambulation: 150 feet with a rolling walker.

This gentleman and his family are very pleased with the outcomes of his therapy! He notes the advanced technology used in his therapy made it interesting and he enjoyed competing with other patients using the Virtual Rehab Bingo game. The therapy staff report the electrical stimulation protocols integrated to help improve his strength significantly contributed to his successful outcomes. He is thrilled to regain his independence and return to his home!

Topics: Fall Prevention & Balance, Patient Success Story, Neuro Rehab