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Improving Functional Mobility and Endurance With Exercise

Posted by ACP on Jul 30, 2020 2:32:20 AM

Patient Information: Female, Age 72

Diagnosis: Cardiac Arrest / Pulmonary Embolism

History: This woman was referred to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation services due to severe weakness and debility following hospitalization. She had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) which required intubation and life support with extracorporeal membrane oxygen – ECMO (blood pumped outside the body to a heart and lung machine to remove carbon dioxide and send oxygenated blood back to the body). Prior to hospitalization, she lived at home and was independent with all mobility and self-care.

Pre-Therapy Status:
•Transfers: Maximal (>75%) assistance.
•Standing Balance: Poor (+).
•Self-care: Maximal (>75%) assistance for dressing, bathing, and toileting.
•Ambulation: Unable to walk.

Therapy Information:
•Modality: OmniCycle® Elite Motorized Therapeutic Exercise System
•Frequency: 5x per week.
•Protocol Specifics: OmniCycle® upper and lower extremity cardio mode to increase arm and leg strength and improve cardiopulmonary endurance.
•Duration: 4 weeks.
•Other Therapy Services Provided: Self-care, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic activity,
and gait training.

•Transfers: Independent using a rolling walker.
•Standing Balance: Good.
•Self-care: Independent for dressing, bathing, and toileting.
•Ambulation: 200 feet using a rolling walker with supervision for safety.

This woman and her husband are so happy she has returned home! She is now able to walk with a rolling walker and can perform self-care without assistance of her husband. She has increased endurance, and can now also perform household chores without assistance.

Topics: Patient Success Story, Cardiopulmonary