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Decreasing Pain and Improving Functional Mobility after a Fall Using Electrical Stimulation and Dynamic Balance Training

Posted by ACP on Jul 11, 2019 11:58:26 AM

Patient Information: Female, Age 81

Diagnosis: Distal Femur Fracture / Fall Risk / Dementia

History: This woman was hospitalized for a surgical repair of her right femur, which she fractured in a fall. Following hospitalization, she was referred to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation to address decreased functional mobility and safety. Previously, she also had a hip and knee replacement on the same side. Prior to her fall she lived at home with her spouse and walked independently, including up and down four steps at the entrance of the home.

Pre-Therapy Status:
• Right Leg Pain: Severe (9/10) with weight-bearing, limiting functional mobility.
• Transfers: Maximal (>75%) assistance.
• Dynamic Standing Balance: Maximal (>75%) assistance.
• Ambulation: 5 feet with maximal (>75%) assistance and verbal instruction using a rolling walker; unable to climb stairs.

Therapy Information:
• Modality: OmniVersa® Multi-Modality Therapy System / OmniStand® Dynamic Balance System
• Frequency: 4-5x per week.
• Protocol Specifics: Interferential current and high volt pulsed current sensory electrical stimulation to the right knee to increase local circulation and decrease pain. OmniStand® dynamic standing exercise to improve functional reach activity, stepping strategies, and general dynamic balance re-training.
• Duration: Three weeks.
• Other Therapy Services Provided: Gait training, transfer training, neuro re-education, therapeutic exercise, and therapeutic activities.

• Right Leg Pain: Moderate (5/10).
• Transfers: Independent with supervision for safety.
• Dynamic Standing Balance: Independent with supervision for safety.
• Ambulation: 120 feet using a rolling walker with supervision and verbal instruction for safety. Climbs four steps with minimal (25%) assistance using a handrail.

This woman and her family are really happy her improvements in therapy have enabled her to return home! The therapists report the electrical stimulation used to help reduce her pain allowed her to participate in therapy with greater intensity. The OmniStand® activities helped the therapists challenge her balance and improve her functional mobility and safety.

Topics: Fall Prevention & Balance, Pain Management, Patient Success Story