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Decreasing Pain and Improving Functional Independence Using Electrical Stimulation and Exercise

Posted by ACP on Jul 20, 2020 11:22:04 PM

Patient Information: Female, Age 76

Diagnosis: Chronic Heart Failure / Generalized Muscle Weakness / Shoulder Pain

History: This woman was admitted to the hospital to address multiple medical issues. Following hospitalization, she was referred to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation to address her limitations in strength and mobility, with a goal to return home alone at her prior level of function, independent with all mobility.

Pre-Therapy Status:
•Right Shoulder Pain: Mild (3/10) with movement.
•Self-Care: Moderate (50-75%) assistance for dressing and toileting; minimal (25%)
assistance for all other activities of daily living.

Therapy Information:
•Modality: Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS).
•Frequency: 5x per week.
•Protocol Specifics: Upper extremity triphasic PENS to biceps/triceps of both arms to promote neuromuscular re-education, alternating daily with interferrential current motor-sensory protocol to the right shoulder for pain management.
•Duration: Two and a half weeks.
•Other Therapy Services Provided: Progressive resistance therapeutic exercise, functional mobility training, ADL training, and patient education for safety during ADLs.

•Right Shoulder Pain: Absent (0/10).
•Self-Care: Supervision only for all activities of daily living.

This woman is amazed at how quickly she regained her strength and function with the help of occupational therapy. She is very happy to be back home, living independently with support from her niece.

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