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Decreasing Fall Risk and Improving Functional Mobility with Balance Training and Exercise

Posted by ACP on Mar 22, 2019 5:23:42 PM

Patient Information: Male, Age 80

Diagnosis: Muscle Weakness / Falls

History: This gentleman, a long-term skilled nursing facility resident, was referred to therapy by nursing due to generalized weakness, risk of falls, and a significant decline in his ability to bathe, dress himself and use the bathroom independently over the previous few weeks. Prior to this decline he was able to walk 100 feet with a rolling walker with close supervision and required minimal (25%) assistance for toileting.

Pre-Therapy Status:
•Transfers: Moderate (50%) assistance and constant verbal cues.
•Standing Dynamic Balance: Minimal (25%) assistance to stand and reach.
•Toileting Tasks in Standing: Moderate (50%) assistance with minimal verbal cues and a rolling walker.
•Ambulation: 15 feet using a front wheeled walker and moderate (50%) assistance with constant (100%) verbal cues.

Therapy Information:
•Modality: OmniStand® Dynamic Balance System.
•Frequency: 3-4x per week.
•Protocol Specifics: OmniStand® was used in the dynamic mode to stimulate movements needed to maintain balance during transfers, ambulation and toileting (twisting, reaching outside of base of support, upward and downward reaching activities, and stepping strategies).
•Duration: Four weeks.
•Other Therapy Services Provided: Therapeutic exercise, therapeutic activities, self-care/home management, and neuro re-education.

• Transfers: Supervision and occasional verbal cues for safety.
• Toileting: Minimal (25%) assistance with a rolling walker and occasional verbal cues.
• Standing Dynamic Balance: Independent with supervision.
• Ambulation: 300 feet using a rolling walker with supervision and occasional verbal cues for safety.

This gentleman reports that he is doing better now and feels the interventions used in therapy, particularly the balance work, helped improve his mobility. He often reported “I like that machine!”, referencing the OmniStand®. The therapists report the OmniStand® was very helpful as it really challenged his balance to enable him to more safely perform his transfers, toileting and ambulation.

Topics: Fall Prevention & Balance, Patient Success Story