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Clinical Efficacy and Treatment Efficiency with Group Therapy

Posted by ACP on Jan 22, 2019 9:09:35 AM

Increasing emphasis on the value of care over the volume of care provides opportunity to incorporate different therapy delivery modes. Therapy delivered in a group format offers benefits over traditional one-on-one therapy that include increased socialization, independence with exercise, and improved transference of learning.

Group Therapy Definition:

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Group Therapy Benefits:1

• Interactions, socialization, and shared experiences may be motivating to many patients
• Patients are required to be more independent and self-reliant
• Peer support could lead to greater adherence to exercise-based interventions
• Supports efficient delivery of skilled therapy services, including the potential for more visits
• Offers a superior way to deliver education and support for chronic conditions

Additional Research Supporting Group Therapy:

• One-on-one therapy does not always provide superior outcomes2
• Compared to those who received individual treatment sessions, patients with OA of the knee had equal outcomes from group therapy3
• Patients with Parkinson’s Disease participating in clinic-based group therapy Tai Chi training had significant improvement in cognitive impairment and had a higher compliance rate with their home exercise program than individual-based Tai Chi participants4

Documentation Example:

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