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SLP Clinical Connection - Synchrony: Skill-Based Typical Swallow Interventions

Posted by ACP - Accelerated Care Plus on Mar 16, 2022 1:45:46 PM

Focused Clinical Application
Synchrony: Skill-Based Typical Swallow Interventions


  • Resting Baseline
  • Swallow Command Initiation
  • Typical Swallow
  • Swallow Duration

Capture 1-3



Bow and Arrow / Work-Rest Cycle

  • Used for targeting swallow initiation 
    • Under "Edit Parameters", select a time less than patient's baseline delay

Capture 2-3

Note: Swallow repetition is considered accurate when completed within set time.


Trace Display

  • Helps reduce excessive activity during typical swallows
  • Assists in reducing swallow duration time

Capture 3-3

Note: Goal is to decrease amount of activity pre and post swallow.

Work-Rest Cycle

  • Used to reduce motor activity during swallow
    • Under "Edit Parameters", modify work time based on patient's baseline swallow duration
  • Used to target volitional control and timing used during swallow duration
    • Under "Edit Parameters", high/low target amplitude can be set for patients needs

Capture 4-1

Note: Within parameter settings select box next to high target to make amplitude visible.

Topics: Dysphagia, Speech Rehab, SLP Clinical Connection