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Posted by ACP - Accelerated Care Plus on Jan 12, 2023 11:00:00 AM
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Genevieve Weston, M.S., CCC-SLP, is the speech-language pathologist with Exceptional Therapy at Allis Care Center in West Allis, WI. She has consistently implemented ACP’s OmniFlow® Breathing Therapy Biofeedback System into her dysphagia, speech, and voice rehabilitation practice with successful outcomes for the last year and a half.

Technology Integration
Genevieve has found OmniFlow beneficial with her patients following tracheostomy utilizing Passy-Muir Valve, cap, or finger occlusion during therapy. She states that using the huff technique within the software assists these patients in executing a productive cough, which is needed to gain independence from suctioning to remove secretions from the airway. Patients enjoy the visual animations and frequently request to use the OmniFlow device. Also, the outcome measures post-exercise help patients comprehend their progress.

QUOTE capture“I feel very strongly that OmniFlow works far better than just using a spirometer or flutter valve for my patients who have problems with voicing. This is because it has more levels of challenge and focuses on inhalation, exhalation, and respiratory control. It is so beneficial because I can see my patient’s effort which can’t be visualized during exercise alone.” GENEVIEVE

A woman recovering from COVID-19 was placed on a ventilator with tracheostomy for several months. Once she no longer required ventilation, she began using the OmniFlow. The Dandelion and Sail Away visualizations were used daily to improve her vocal loudness in preparation for returning to teach elementary school. She looked forward to OmniFlow sessions and eagerly reviewed the data showing her steady improvement.

Initially, this woman was aphonic with maximum phonation time (MPT) of only 2.5 seconds. As a result of progression of air volume and repetitions per session with OmniFlow, she increased MPT to 21 seconds and improved vocal loudness in preparation for her return to teaching elementary school. The tracheostomy tube was removed and oxygen supplementation was


Genevieve’s passion, knowledge, and dedication to improving patient quality of life with communication and swallowing, coupled with her willingness to integrate innovative technology make her a true “clinical champion!”


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