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Posted by ACP - Accelerated Care Plus on Mar 8, 2022 10:48:49 AM

Improving Speech and Swallowing Using sEMG and Breathing Therapy Biofeedback

This 78 y/o woman, a long-term skilled nursing facility resident, was diagnosed with oral cancer four years ago. She underwent surgery for 50% removal of her tongue and tissue grafting for her palate, resulting in decreased jaw movement, oropharyngeal dysphagia and dysarthria. She also underwent a tracheostomy and feeding tube placement for nutrition. Prior to her cancer, she had no limitations in eating, drinking, or speaking.

Speech Therapy (4x/week x 8 weeks):

OmniFlow™ Breathing Therapy Biofeedback

  • Controlled inspiration - Diamond Mine
  • Forced expiration - Prehistoric Contest
  • Respiratory muscle training - Starry Road

Capture 1-2

Synchrony Dysphagia Solutions by ACP®
with OmnisEMG™ Biofeedback

  • Lingual resistance - Diver
  • Typical and effortful swallows - Bar Graph

Capture 2-2

Capture 3-2

The SLP reported that adding OmniFlow™ therapy made a huge difference in this woman’s activity tolerance and outcomes. In addition, her ENT stated; “her pharynx looks the cleanest, without secretions, that I have seen. I think she has made significant gains with the work you [SLP] are doing and it is impressive considering the anatomic changes she has from her treatments.”

This woman is thrilled to drink water consistently and speak with her family on the phone!

Topics: Dysphagia, Patient Success Story, Speech Rehab