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Improving Wound Healing and Mobility Using Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, and Exercise

Posted by ACP - Accelerated Care Plus on Apr 28, 2022 7:02:15 PM

This 82-year-old woman was unable to get up after falling at home. As a result of laying on her left side for more than 24 hours after the fall, she experienced tissue injury on her right hip that progressed over time to a non-healing unstageable (depth not visible) pressure wound. She was referred to outpatient physical therapy for wound healing and fall prevention. Prior to her fall, this woman lived alone and walked with a walker.

Physical Therapy: (3x/week x 12 weeks)

OmniVersa® Ultrasound/Electrotherapy SystemCapture PSS April newsletter
• High Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC) electrical stimulation and subthermal ultrasound over wound bed on right hip to increase local circulation and facilitate wound healing.
Additional Interventions
• Therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, gait training, and therapeutic activities.


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This patient and her family are thrilled with the progress she made in physical therapy! She credits the use of electrical stimulation and ultrasound with her wound closure. She is so happy to be wound-free and living with greater independence.

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