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Decreasing Pain and Improving Functional Mobility

Posted by ACP - Accelerated Care Plus on Feb 27, 2023 11:00:00 AM

This 66-year-old gentleman was referred to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation services due to right-sided weakness and general debility. He was hospitalized after a stroke which required thrombectomy (procedure to remove blood clot). Prior to his stroke, he was living with his spouse in a home with a 3-step entry, was independent with all functional mobility, and walked with a rolling walker.

Physical and Occupational Therapy: (4-5x/week x 4 weeks)

OmniVersa® Ultrasound/Electrotherapy System

  • Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS) to the right arm and leg to decrease shoulder pain and for neuromuscular re-education and strengthening of the arm and leg

OmniVR® Virtual Rehabilitation System

  • Virtual reality exercise (bingo and flower garden) to improve transfers, balance, and gait

OmniCycle® Elite Therapeutic Exercise System

  • Upper and lower extremity cycling neuro mode to promote improved endurance, strength, and reciprocal motor activity

Additional Interventions

  • Gait training, transfer training, balance re-education, therapeutic exercise, self-care retraining, and therapeutic activities

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This gentleman is thrilled with the care he received and is so happy to be able to return home. He feels the PT and OT team really used all their tools to get him better as quickly as possible. His therapists state, PENS really helped to improve his pain so that he could participate in therapy with greater intensity, and it also was a big contributor to improving his strength in the affected side.

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