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Using Ultrasound with Electrical Stimulation Combo Treatment

Posted by ACP on Aug 27, 2018 11:26:39 AM

Indications: Combining ultrasound (US) with electrical stimulation (e-stim) is a treatment option to decrease acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, decrease muscle tone-spasm, increase local circulation, and increase-maintain joint range of motion (ROM). This approach combines the physiological benefits of electrical stimulation with US and is often applied over motor or acupoints to optimize clinical outcomes. For post traumatic – post-surgical pain, consider using HVPC Sensory with subthermal US. For acute pain, LVPC Sensory or IFC - PREMOD Sensory with subthermal (pulsed) US are therapeutic options. To address chronic pain or limited ROM, consider using LVPC Motor with thermal US or IFC - PREMOD Motor with thermal US. 

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Topics: Pain Management, Clinical Tip, Orthopedic

Effects of Poor Posture and the Use of Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS) to Achieve Improved Alignment and Function

Posted by ACP on Aug 27, 2018 10:07:23 AM

Posture affects an individual’s ability to balance in a seated or standing position, assess their surroundings, reach overhead, breathe, eat, and move safely. As one ages, posture generally declines, resulting in a more forward flexed position. When there is injury or neurologic impairment (such as CVA), further compromise to one’s posture and positioning can occur. Improved postural alignment of the neck, upper back and trunk with stretching, strengthening, and electrical stimulation can greatly impact an individual’s safety and quality of life.

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Topics: Fall Prevention & Balance, Clinical Tip, Orthopedic

Improving Range of Motion for Hygiene Care and Orthotic Protection Using Thermal Ultrasound and Exercise

Posted by ACP on Aug 6, 2018 11:02:29 AM

Patient Information: Female, Age 77

Diagnosis: Hand Contracture / Stroke

History: This woman, a long-term skilled nursing facility resident, was referred to therapy for severely reduced range of motion (ROM) in the left hand resulting from a prior stroke. Previously, the woman’s caregivers were able to move her hand through full range of motion to provide care.

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