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Using Bifurcated Lead Wires for Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS) Protocols

Posted by ACP on Jul 16, 2018 10:08:38 AM

When working with individuals who have weakness bilaterally, therapists can use bifurcated lead wires to increase their treatment efficiency with PENS e-stim protocols by treating both limbs at the same time.

 To perform this type of treatment with PENS, Channel A is set up on the agonist muscles bilaterally with four electrodes and Channel B is set up on the antagonist muscles bilaterally with four electrodes. Use PENS protocols as a reference for channel and polarity placement.1,2


Note: The muscle groups on one side of the body may contract more strongly than those on the opposite side. If a twitch is not obtainable on both sides, bilateral application may not be the appropriate protocol choice.


Bilateral Scapular Therapeutic ExerciseUpper Extremity Triphasic
Upper Extremity Triphasic PENS Protocol

Indicated for restoring scapular/shoulder retraction and
improving posture.


Bilateral Knee Therapeutic Exercise Lower PENS ProtocolClinical Tip - July 2018_3

Indicated for improving strength and coordination in the
targeted muscles and may help improve performance with transfers, standing balance and/or gait.

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