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Improving Pain and Mobility with Exercise and Subthermal Diathermy After a Fall Resulting in a Fractured Femur

Posted by ACP on Sep 13, 2018 9:52:21 AM

Patient Information: Female, Age 95

Diagnosis: Left Femur Fracture

History: This woman was admitted to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation services after hospitalization due to a fall at home, resulting in a femur (leg) fracture. Prior to her fall she
lived at home with family support and walked with a rolling walker and assistance.

Pre-Therapy Status:
•Left Leg Pain: Severe (7/10).
•Bed Mobility: Maximal (>75%) assistance.
•Transfers: Maximal (>75%) assistance.
•Ambulation: 15 feet with a rolling walker and maximal (>75%) assistance.

Therapy Information:
•Modality: Megapulse II Shortwave Diathermy.
•Frequency: 5–6x per week.
•Protocol Specifics: Subthermal shortwave diathermy to increase circulation and decrease pain.
•Duration: Four weeks.
•Other Therapy Services Provided: Therapeutic exercise, transfer training, and gait training.

•Left Leg Pain: Absent (0/10).
•Bed Mobility: Independent.
•Transfers: Independent.
•Ambulation: 200 feet with a rolling walker and minimal (25%) assistance.

The woman is thrilled to have regained the ability to move in and out of bed independently without pain! She is home with family support and walks with a rolling walker with a diminished fear of falling.

Topics: Fall Prevention & Balance, Pain Management, Patient Success Story

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